peonies2Skype consultations are currently offered ( offering greater flexibility).

My coaching style is to identify your personal goals and requirements and believe that an individual and holistic approach to is the most effective way of achieving them. Each person is unique in terms of physiology and as such an individual plan is the best way of achieving your most optimal health.

What you can expect;

During the initial consultation I will take a thorough health history; including dietary and medical history. This is taken in great detail as it covers all of your body systems, which provides me with an accurate picture of your overall health and well-being, as well as your previous food habits and what has and hasn’t worked. This takes around 1 – 1 1/2 hours. I will generally also conduct a short physical assessment which is very useful for monitoring your progress, if you prefer your initial consultation to be via Skype then I can direct you in some of the physical assessment.

Follow up consultations will take approximately 30 – 60 minutes, and can be conducted over Skype if you feel it would be more convenient. During the follow up consultations we will discuss your progress, how you are feeling with your program. This consultation allows us an opportunity to analyse how your program is working, and if necessary we can re-negotiate some aspects of it so it really is the best program for you personally. I feel the follow up consultation is really valuable, because sometimes having someone else objectively view your progress can highlight even small successes that you may not have realised yourself.

15 minute health assessment will be conducted via a questionnaire emailed to you. I will write you a short health assessment and any suggestions for improvement I feel are suitable. This includes my 2 week weight loss package.

What I will provide you;

Most importantly I will be providing you with knowledge and the tools to improve your health and well-being for life. Even if your goal is simply to shed some excess weight, you can benefit greatly from understanding how to be healthy – forever.

I will provide you with hard or soft copy of a comprehensive dietary plan, which includes any diet and food suggestions, supplementary suggestions, your health history analysis and well-being goals. I will also add any additional information I feel you would find helpful.


Initial consultation 60-90 mins  – £ 60

Follow up consultation 30-60 mins – £ 50

Initial consultation + 3 x follow up consultations £ 200

15 minute health assessment (conducted via email) and 2 week weight loss plan hard copy plus 2 week email support £ 50

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