healthy swaps


Little changes can make a really big difference over time. In a recent study published in the journal of nutrition a study found that even without reducing calories, switching to a healthier diet resulted in greater weight loss in the long term.

Here are a few ideas for healthy swaps.

Instead of snickers – eat dried fruit and nuts.

Instead of sugar on your porridge add fruit compote / apple sauce or even better, add a handful of berries to your cereal or porridge.

Instead of mayo on your sandwich spread mashed avocado.

Instead of soda and fruit juice add chopped fruit to a bottle of water.

Try out canned salmon instead of canned tuna, (it has more heart/brain/skin loving omega 3’s) or if you don’t mind oilier fish try sardines.

Instead of crisps, have oat or rice cakes and hummus or marmite.

Instead of plain buttery mash add sweet potato and carrots, and use milk instead of butter.