Nutrition should be simple.

Everyone is capable of enjoying optimal health and wellbeing. Unfortunately there is an abundance of confusing and conflicting information, and coupled with busy lifestyles, most people feel it is unattainable and have forgotten how it feels to feel well.
My aim is to provide you with the tools to achieve optimal nutrition and wellbeing, though simply explained, evidence based nutrition information and education – I sort the science from the pseudo science so you don’t have to.

“Eat food. Not too much. Mainly plants.” – Michael Pollan.

While this sums up very simply the essence of optimal nutrition, every body is unique and has different needs, I will help you understand your specific nutritional requirements and support you towards optimum health and wellbeing.

Optimum nutrition should be accessible.

While superfoods are exciting and exotic, they are more often than not more marketing hype than “super nutrient dense”. In reality a simple apple or carrot has thousands of beneficial compounds, from vitamins to minerals to antioxidants – are cheap and easily accessed. I believe superfoods can be a great addition if you already have a healthy and balanced diet, however they are not essential are often prohibitively expensive.

Nutrition should not be prohibitive.

Gluten is not poison, dairy is not the devil and sugar will not kill you. These things in moderation, can contribute to a well balanced and nutritious diet. I do not believe restriction of certain food groups is an optimal nutrition strategy,  if a person can absolutely not tolerate certain foods, has a medical diagnosis, or even if by trial and error you have discovered that a certain food makes you feel unwell, I respect that it doesn’t work with you, and can work with your requirements. In addition I respect ethical and cultural decisions to restrict certain foods.

Support for disease.

Did you know some of the top western killer diseases are preventable by dietary intervention? This was the main motivation behind my desire to become a Nutritionist.

The main focus of my nutrition studies were nutritional support for a wide variety of diseases. I have a passion for pathophysiology and constantly undertaking research to deepen my knowledge of a wide range of diseases.

My special interest is in supporting disease with nutrition, in particular; anxiety disorders, cardiovascular disease, the immune system – including autoimmune disease and skin disorders.